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This is the kind of influence want to impose to and other near countries.
Wonder why former soviet countries want to join 🔗
Police in Russia are reportedly stopping people in public to scroll through their phones and check their online activity. This footage was taken near an anti-war demonstration at a square in Moscow.


E ink screen with HDMI input arrived! Took a bit of tinkering, but it seems to work!

A day in the life of a warrior - Alex Gendler

Join the Cossack soldier Stepan as he tries to keep order in the battalion and help his people regain their independence. --The year is 1676, and a treaty ha...

Fighting is in the Ukrainian blood.
Warrior by nature.

History Of The Russian Cossacks Until World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

The Cossacks are surrounded by myths and legends. For some they were the "Tsar's dogs" for others they were more comparable to the cowboys of the Wild West. ...

The warrior Cossacks of Ukraine - BBC News

For hundreds of years, a tiny island in the Dnieper River provided sanctuary to a legendary group of warriors - 's Zaporozhian The men moved...

I think we should stop using the words "Ukraine crisis" and using "Russian made Ukraine crisis" at place.
It better describe the reality.

Opinion | ‘Putin Will Not Lose. He’s Not Going to Let That Happen.’

Whether the Russian leader wins this war or loses it, Europe is in trouble.

Will Not Lose. He’s Not Going to Let That Happen.’


Trucks, RVs and cars flock to Washington area to protest COVID restrictions 🔗

Le Parti Vert du Québec fait le jeu de .
Un peuple à le droit de se tenir debout contre la tyrannie.
Si les alliés avaient suivi cette logique lors de la seconde guerre mondiale, l'Europe serait présentement sous le joug d'un gouvernement

Des propos du chef du Parti Vert du Québec font réagir

Des propos du chef du Parti Vert du Québec font réagir:

of (PARTS 1-5) - Rurik to Revolution

From Prince Rurik to the Russian , this is a compilation of the first 5 episodes of Epic History TV's History of Russia. Visit our merch shop:https...

Can Ukraine win fight against Russia? See retired US admiral's answer

Retired Admiral William McRaven joins Smerconish to talk about Ukraine's chances of winning this war with Russia.

Sommes nous vraiment surpris?

"Guerre en Ukraine en direct : évacuation « reportée » de Marioupol assiégée, pour non-respect du cessez-le-feu russe ; manifestation à Kherson occupée

Le cessez-le-feu, promis samedi matin par la Russie, n’a pas été respecté dans ce port stratégique ukrainien qui continue d’être bombardé." 🔗

School kids protesting the invasion of Ukraine in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Kurz erklärt - Internetzensur umgehen
How to beat Internet censorship – a short explainer
Короткая информация - обход цензуры в интернете
Коротка інформація – як обійти цензуру в інтернеті

Près de 7000 scientifiques russes s’élèvent contre l’invasion de l’Ukraine | en

Les signataires s'exposent à des peines d'amende ou d'emprisonnement pour avoir critiqué le gouvernement.

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