Nothing confirms it really was Ukrainian helicopter, Russian had the same...
Considering the Russian anti aircraft system, it seams far than possible Ukrainian took the risk to loose 2 aircrafts to achieve a small objective as this one. As the Russian are about to draft 150000 new soldiers, it seams more plausible to be a false flag attack from Russia to justify the drafting.

Russia's Wagner Group and the Ukraine War

Russia's invasion of the Republic was Georgia was in 2008, not in 2004 as stated. We regret the error.


"In short, for now at least, the messy democracies with their regular rotations in powers are outmaneuvering the presidents for life, who need to choke off all sources of dissent more than ever."

Xi, Putin and Trump: The Strongmen Follies nyti.ms/3Nd95lJ

Peter Zeihan | The Changing Character of War | Maneuver Center of Excellence

Peter Zeihan gives his presentation on the changing character of war at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference.


it was completely absurd what she suggested, but since it's 6 years old, it's not news anymore...

As far as I know, none of each members has threatened , none has killed people. Influence could never be imposed, it could only be chosen by people. If the people of many countries wanted to join NATO, and NOT Russia, is it ALL because of the Russian leadership. That's all.

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S.Africa's Ramaphosa blames NATO for Russia's war in Ukraine reut.rs/3igWFex

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There are extremism everywhere, we must not let that kind of discourse distracted us from the real matter: the barbarian Ukraine invasion by Russia.

Trump's track record shows support for Russia, not Ukraine

CNN's Jake Tapper examines former President Donald Trump's track record on Russia and Ukraine, as some of his former foreign advisers wonder if Trump may hav...


Look if you want to upload your pictures at least remove metadata from it:

And add up noise to picture (not noticeable for human eyes) so companies like clearview.ai can not use your pictures to train their modules - You can use programs like:

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